Memory Foam Pillow Small Version - Sleeping w/ Arm Under Pillow

Item # BSP-002-SM Brand Better Sleep Pillow

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Product Overview

Memory Foam Pillow Small Version with Arm Under Spacing for a comfortable and better sleep. We believe in better tomorrows. We frequently hear the stories of people with sleep disorders and other sleep problems finally waking up feeling completely rested and ready to take on the day when they switch to the better sleep pillow (BSP).

  • Product: Memory Foam Petite Version - BSP-002-SM
  • Provides comfortable positioning as a side sleeper pillow
  • Patented “Arm Tunnel Systems” solves the arm placement struggle
  • Stomach and side sleeper pillow that allows comfortable positioning without putting your arm too sleep and head/neck out of whack.
  • Our “Deep Sleep Guarantee” is a 60 Day Money Back No Questions Return Policy - Plus 5-Year Product Warranty
  • “Try At Home Free” program - You get to Test Ride these pillows in your home for 14 Days - 100% Risk Free. Shipping is on us both ways!
  • Try At Home Free” is our new product line launch program to get the word out and bring in review. Act Today this maybe gone Tomorrow.

Waking up every morning feeling that you've had a refreshing full-night's rest that leads to better mornings and more productive days.

According to Australian researchers in a 2007 peer-reviewed study: "It is clinically accepted that a change in sleep position may benefit the systematic health of individuals."

Face down. Fetal position. On your side. On your back. Assuming different positions and shifting in your sleep is only natural. This is why we designed the ergonomic Better Sleep Pillow (BSP) to shift with you, allowing multiple positions for your arms, as you are repositioned in your sleep.

Our mission was to create a universal sleep pillow that accommodates any type of sleeper and delivers everything you could ever want in a pillow... and more.

Sleeping with your arm under the pillow provides comfortable positioning and alleviates that stinging "pins-and-needles" sensation that happens with regular pillows (especially for stomach sleepers and side sleepers). Adequate quality sleep is key to improving your overall health and general well-being. Why not give your overall health a boost with deep, restful sleep using the Better Sleep Pillow...

Why Choose the Better Sleep Pillow?

  • The BSP is easy to clean with its cotton removable zipper cover that is machine washable.
  • The BSP is soft enough to cozy up to, yet maintains ample support with its quality design made to last throughout the years.
  • People who snore no longer need to be embarrassed because the unique positioning of the BSP provides proper positioning that reduces and often eliminates snoring.
  • Those who suffer from back pain can experience decreased intensity and frequency of pain due to the proper neck and spine alignment provided using this sleep pillow.
  • Stomach sleepers and side sleepers love the BSP because of the innovative "Arm Tunnel Systems" that keeps your arm in a comfortable position throughout the night.
  • We guarantee this is the best pillow to sleep with or we will refund your payment.
  • Any type of sleeper (side sleeper, stomach sleeper, etc.) when using the BSP can snuggle into their "Sleep Nook." Which is the position where you are most comfortable Throughout the night.
  • Unique design features a lateral recess along the entire length of the pillow and a center tunnel for alternative arm positions and decreases pressure on your arm.
  • The BSP provides support for your arm, head, and neck while also reducing shoulder discomfort, numbness, and tingling.
  • People that suffer from sleep apnea and snoring benefit from the proper neck and spine positioning that helps opens airways.
  • The BSP comes with a soft velour zippered pillow cover.
  • Wake up free of that uncomfortable morning stiffness.
  • Arm circulation is improved with the patented "Arms Tunnels Systems."
  • The BSP is multi-positional and multi-functional.
  • Back pain sufferers can wake up with less pain because of the decrease in tossing and turning at night.
  • This BSP version is constructed of high quality, hypoallergenic cozy Petite Size Memory Foam.

Beyond the Patented Design

We designed the BSP using only the highest quality materials with optimal cushion and support to ensure proper spinal alignment during sleep. We developed every aspect of the Better Sleep Pillow with close attention to detail and we placed priority on creating the most comfortable sleep pillow.

People that have tried the BSP report a reduction in physical pain in the neck and back, as well as an overall better night's rest. Why wait to get the best sleep of your life? Don't suffer another tossing, turning, restless night when you add the Better Sleep Pillow to your cart now.

Product Information Details

Weight: 3.8000
Asin code: B006LOB4ZO
Size: Small
UPC: 885535390341
Manufacturer: Living Healthy Products
Brand: Better Sleep Pillow
Depth: 20
Height: 3.5
Length: 20
Shipping Weight: 2

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The very good: The constant discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and upper arm (due to side sleeping) has ended since I began using this pillow. The good: did not have a strong smell that some other reviews mention. The bad: As a slender 5'4" woman, I ordered the small version for people 5'5 and under. However, the "tunnel" is so narrow I can barely fit my arm into it. This is made worse by the ill-fitting cover that comes with the pillow, although given the material of the pillow itself, you need this cover in addition to a pillow case. Finally, if I shift from one side to the other during the night, I have to fully wake up in order to properly place my other arm into the tunnel: not sure if this is due to the too-narrow tunnel or if it would be a problem in the larger size as well.

3/5 Stars Good & Bad
Posted on April 01, 2016Review by SideSleeper

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Memory Foam Pillow Small Version - Sleeping w/ Arm Under Pillow

Item # BSP-002-SM Brand Better Sleep Pillow

Average Customer Rating:
3.65/5 Stars
Read All 1 Review(s) | Write A Review

$69.95 USD

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