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Innovation sleep

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Sleep Innovation

An individual's sleeping position can be improved effectively for giving the optimized sleeping comfort with the introduction of light mattress and Better Sleep Pillows of Sleep Innovation. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and pillow deprives us from quality sleep and makes us realize the need for improved and better quality mattress and pillow. Bedding products with highest quality materials ensures sleep satisfaction through innovation.

Sleep Innovation's memory foam products Sleep Innovation's bedding products are manufactured with special techniques to provide maximum comfort during sleep time and are very popular as more people are looking for better sleeping systems and try to avoid taking the help of medicines and drugs. It allows more of the body to contact the sleep surface. The rule is simple, more square inches of contact, the less overall pressure per square inch, and the less opportunity for discomfort in any local area. In effect, foam's contour ability allows every inch of body to literally carry its own weight.

Memory foam bed pillows of Sleep Innovation To tackle with the increasing pressures at job and family, we have to maintain good health and a quality sleep during the night. With advanced technology and better-priced quality products from Sleep Innovation can solve your problem of sleeping discomfort. Incredible better sleep pillows, made of high quality memory foam, give therapeutic support to your neck and spine. Memory foam is a visco-elastic material that ensures proper blood circulation while you are sleeping and also evenly distributes your body weight thus reducing the pressure on the spinal cord and hence provides a comfortable sleep.

Better Sleep Pillow of Sleep Innovation Sleeping discomfort causes frequent change of sleeping position and affects the quality of sleep. Ordinary pillows does not give support to your head and neck which gives rise to unnatural sleeping position that causes strain to your muscles surrounding neck and upper back and thus you get a restless sleep. Better sleep pillow is totally adaptive, indestructible and tension relieving pillow, made of high density Visco-Elastic memory foam. Memory Foam technology allows even distribution of body weight thus reducing the pressure on lower back area and improves blood circulation while sleeping. These pillows are recessed along the entire length of the pillow, in the center and or on opposite ends, to provide optimized support to your neck, head and shoulders. This better sleep pillow reacts to your body weight and temperature and molds to your exact body shape thus giving utmost support to your spine. These pillows are fire retardant and never loose its original shape and resiliency. Better Sleep Pillow pressure-relieving material's unique cellular structure allows it to become softer in warmer areas and remain firmer in cooler areas. The result is a surface that comfortably supports your entire body and decreases pressure at trouble sp
ots like the shoulders, arm, neck and face.

Sleep Innovation products for ultimate sleeping comfort Experience the ultimate quality sleep with Sleep Innovation's bedding products that stocks a large variety of mattress, pillows, bed covers to help have better sleep during the rest hours. Better sleep pillows are engineered for utmost comfort, no matter how you sleep and give support to your neck and spine. Ordinary pillows don't properly support your head and neck thus causing strain in your muscles surrounding neck and upper back.

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