Side Sleep
Side Sleep

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Side Sleep

It’s time for bed. Many of us are so exhausted from a long day that we collapse in bed, grabbing our pillow and quickly curling into our favorite position automatically. Although there are some people who toss, turn, and shift from one position to another throughout the night, most people have a preferred sleep position. Recent studies show that two-thirds of people enjoy side sleep.

Although side sleep is the most common of the positions, it has many variations. People tend to gravitate toward positions that are most comfortable for them, and these positions become fairly habitual. The director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Chris Idzikowski writes extensively on the subject. In his studies, he identifies different sleeping types. There are actually three types of side sleep.

The first type of side sleep has been labeled as the “foetus”. This name is probably derived from the term “fetal position”. These types of people enjoy side sleep while curled comfortably in a semi-ball. This is the most common of all the sleeping positions.

The second type of side sleep is called “log” position. Different from the “foetus” position, the log sleepers do not curl into a ball. In fact, they lay on their sides, but their legs are more or less straight and their arms are down at their sides.

The last type of side sleep has been called the “yearner”. Different from both the “foetus” and the “log” position, the “log” position is a form of side sleep, but in this position, the sleeper lays on the side with both arms in front.

One important thing to remember if your preferred method of sleeping is side sleep is that you need to select the proper type of pillow. While stomach sleepers need only to select a soft, fluffy pillow and back sleepers need a firmer pillow, side sleep is a bit different.

Side sleepers often report that they find themselves uncomfortable. They might twist and reshape their pillows in an effort to find the best position, finding that their shoulders seem to perpetually be in the way. For this reasons, special pillows can be purchased for the sole purpose of comfortable side sleep.

Many people overlook the fact that a pillow isn’t just for cosmetic appeal or for comfort. A pillow is important for proper support and alignment of the back and spine. If you enjoy side sleep, you may sometimes wake up with a sore ear or generally achy body. This can mean that your body wasn’t properly aligned when you were slumbering.

If you visit a local store or shop online, most manufacturers offer side sleep pillows. Specially designed for your sleep style, these side sleep pillows are catered to fit your body. They cradle your head and neck for proper spine alignment. If you’re like most people, you cherish the value of a great night’s sleep. Purchasing a pillow best suited to fit your body and your sleep style can truly make a difference in the way you sleep.

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