No Snore Pillows: A Dream Come
No Snore Pillows: A Dream Come

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No Snore Pillows: A Dream Come True

In a country and an era where everything moves at a perpetually high speed, it’s not hard to understand why some American’s have trouble falling asleep. Face it, we lead extremely busy lives, we’re subjected to the stresses of demanding jobs, and we juggle family and business. Sometimes, after a particularly hard day, our bodies are exhausted, but our minds just won’t shut down enough to let us fall asleep. When we do, it’s a restless sleep, often characterized by snoring.

Many people head for the local drugstore. With a variety of choices ranging from Tylenol PM to over the counter sleep aids, many people pop a pill to solve their problem, but it doesn’t take care of the snoring. Manufacturers have even placed products on the market like No Snore Pillows. The real question is, “Do No Snore Pillows really work”?

Some people answer with an adamant “yes.” The results have been miraculous in some cases, but the bottom line is that these snore pillows do not contain mystical powers. They also don’t emit sleep medications or perform miracles. Their operation is a simple process, and once explained, a very understandable one.

To understand how no snore pillows work, you first need to understand what snoring is. No, the formal definition isn’t “that awful noise my partner makes, keeping me up half of the night.” Snoring occurs when someone’s air passages are blocked during sleeping. It’s not a voluntary habit although some of us have woken up our partners to plead “Please, stop snoring!”

The concept of no snore pillows is to help keep a sleeper’s airway open and clear, thus reducing snoring. Developed by doctors as therapeutic aids, these snore pillows actually boast elevated foam panels that gently and accurately position a back-sleeper’s head to the side so breathing will become easier and more consistent.

Do snore pillows really work? Although no product is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, the effectiveness of these snore pillows is substantial. Many snorers have reported more restful, comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning. Their partners have also reported a decline in snoring.

If you have tried snore pillows and found that they did nothing to improve your symptoms, it is best not to consider sleeping pills as the only solution to your problem. The truth of the matter is that persistent snoring can be the symptom of a sleep disorder, something that requires medical attention. Taking a sleeping pill is a temporary fix. If you continue to snore, you may not be getting the proper rest your body deserves.

Here are some things to be wary of: if your spouse notices that you are snoring excessively loud or if you are making abnormal noises such as snorting, wheezing, or gasping for breath, it is fairly certain that you have obstructed sleep apnea. Buying snore pillows are a good way to try to deal with your problem, but it is best to consult a physician to find out if your problem runs deeper than simply being an annoyance.

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