Snoring remedy
Snoring remedy

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Snoring Remedy

Have you ever wanted to push a snorer on their side or stomach and have them stay that position? Now you can, the Better Sleep Pillow make easily stay comfortable while on your side and helps extends neck to open airway thereby reducing snoring.The design also prevent your head from being pushed forward while on your back this helps reduce snoring by keeping critical air passages open.

Snoring is commonly due to poor anatomic alignment of the breathing passage.The Better Sleep Pillow has been designed to reduce the likelihood ofsnoring by keeping your airway open whether you sleep on you back or side.

The Snoring Problem

Snoring is a common sleep disorderthat affects over 50 million people in North America alone. 50% of men over the age of 40 snore. Why We Snore. Snoring occurswhen the muscle of the trachea and throat becomes relaxed during sleep. The airway becomes partially blocked and snoring begins as a vibration in the soft palette and the uvula.

Common pillows can be a contributing cause of snoring The lack of support under the neck associated with some common pillows tends to tilt the head forward and can cause further airway obstruction. Although snoring is usually associated with sleeping on the back, it also occurs when the sleeper is on his or her side.

How it works. When you sleepon your back, the Better Sleep Pillow helps position you chin slightly up and your forehead slightly back in a "CPR" posture. Sleeping in this manner encourages an optimal airway opening through the night eliminating or reducing snoring. The result is a better night's sleep and more energetic, alert daytime activities.

Works even as you change sleeping positionsEven when you
sleep on your side with your ear correctly positioned over the ear well, your Better Sleep Pillow encourages optimal airway opening. Memory foam Conforms to user's shape and conducts heat away from face and head.
Wake up feeling refreshed Enjoy a better energy level and alertness during the day when you sleep deeply throughout the night.

Snorers aren't the only ones who suffer. The sleep partners of those who snore will also greatly appreciate a quiet, more restful sleep.

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