Better Sleep Pillow - Your Aid for Shoulder Injuries!
Better Sleep Pillow - Your Aid for Shoulder Injuries!

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Getting Rid of Shoulder Pain! Treat Frozen Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Learn how to:
Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain and frozen shoulder. Increase the mobility of your shoulder joint-simply by changing your pillow!

"Ouch! I think I slept on my bad side again..." Don't you hate waking up or going to work with a searing pain in your shoulder?

If you sleep on your side, you're probably putting your shoulder through tremendous strain and pressure. For those who sleep with an arm under their head, it can get worse, as your arm works non-stop to support the weight of your head and to align your neck with the upper back.

There is a high risk of rotator cuff tears in people over 40 and those who engage in repetitive 'overhead' activities - which involve hours of work with your arm raised over your head, such as writing on a blackboard. Many vigorous sports such as baseball, weight lifting and swimming can lead to rotator cuff injuries.

An existing shoulder injury can become worse with the wrong sleeping posture, where the injured side is not allowed to get sufficient rest to recover and regain its normal range of motion.

How To relieve Shoulder Pain: Rotator Cuff Injuries and Frozen Shoulder

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If your shoulder joint hurts, one of the first things you should do is to give it a complete rest, especially when you sleep. Many people who sleep on the side tend to roll over to the injured side, putting the shoulder joint under repeated stress.

What's worse, is that the shoulder is practically 'trapped' under the head and locked in the same position for hours. This inhibits the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the affected joint and leads to painful muscle cramps. No wonder it feels worse every morning!
Finally- you can do something about your rotator cuff pain, enjoy better sleep and wake up refreshed.

All it takes is a scientific contoured pillow that is designed to free up your shoulder and arm, in the side-sleeper position.

A scientific contour pillow that has proved itself in extensive test surveys is the" Better Sleep Pillow", designed by leading neurosurgeon Dr. Berke.

The "Better Sleep Pillow" is made of visco-elastic Memory Foam, which provides added stability and support for side sleepers. The Memory Foam will mould itself to your side contours, leading to instant comfort and fewer position changes through the night.

The special channels on the underside of the pillow allow your arm to slide in and out easily, without disturbing your head or neck position. Even with your arm positioned under your head, you will feel no pressure at all, as your head and neck are perfectly supported by the Better Sleep Pillow.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, frozen shoulder or have a history of painful rotator cuff injury, you can ease the pain, prevent further damage and enhance your natural healing process by switching to the "Better Sleep Pillow".

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