Herniated disk
Herniated disk

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Herniated Disk

Are you having trouble finding relief for the pain that your herniated disk causes? As you are, millions of Americans are looking for a cure to the back and leg pain, uncomfortable tingling sensations, and muscle weakness caused by herniated disks. In this condition, when the disk that acts as a cushion between vertebrae is pushed to the side, it crosses the path of nerves surrounding the spine, which is why herniated disks can be so problematic. The nerves become “pinched,” and the results are quite unpleasant.

Although anyone can have a herniated disk, this condition is more common among older people, as the bones become less elastic with age and thus more likely to be damaged. But even people as young as 30 are seen to have lost relatively high levels of bone elasticity. So unfortunately, herniated disks are a very typical problem and one that people become more and more likely to experience with each day. Fortunately, it is easy to spot and react to some common causes of herniated disks. Sometimes this condition is triggered by a specific moment of unlucky physical exertion. But herniated disks often come on gradually as a result of repetitive spine stress.

One common treatment for a herniated disk is six to twelve weeks of physical therapy, which most people would have trouble fitting into their schedules. In more serious cases, surgery is a typical treatment. But one of the easiest ways to treat a herniated disk is to avoid its triggers. Know your limits so you don’t exert yourself too much and cause a herniated disk. It’s also a good idea to start by addressing when you commonly cause stress to you spine for extended periods of time. Chances are, your sleeping hours should come to mind. If you sleep with a normal pillow, you cause your body to spend uninterrupted hours in a spine-irritating position every night. Normal pillows do not align to the unique curve of your head and neck, so the spine is forced to rest at an angle instead of being allowed to lie straight.

But with a memory foam pillows like the Better Sleep Pillow, advanced technology developed by NASA conforms to the contour of your body, aligning the spine and preventing the kind of behavior that causes and irritates herniated disks. So order your Better Sleep Pillow today and look forward to finally getting relief for the pain of a herniated disk.


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