Are Memory Foam Pillows the Best Pillows
Are Memory Foam Pillows the Best Pillows

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Buying the Best Pillow

With so many bedding products available, consumers walking through a store are on advertisement overload. Each and every product claims to be the best pillow offering a peaceful nights sleep complete with comfort and support. The truth of the matter, however, is that when it comes to pillows, there is a difference between quality and inferiority.

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer when buying the best pillow. This is because we are all unique. Some of us sleep in fetal positions or on their side. Others sleep on their stomachs. Some of us toss and turn, shifting
positions in our sleep. Others lie still on their backs, motionless.

If you are trying to buy the best pillow, don't just cruise the aisle in your local department store, squeezing the merchandise in search of the softest pillow. Soft or medium densitypillows are best suited to people who sleep on their sides or stomachs. This is because the primary function of your pillow is to provide support for your head and neck, keeping your spine aligned when you are sleeping. Side sleepers need these type of pillows fill in the gaps created between your head and your shoulders when you're sleeping on your side. If you sleep on your stomach, the best pillow is a soft pillow or medium pillow that means your head won't be tilted heavenward, causing a strain on your neck, spine and shoulders.

The best pillow for those who sleep on their backs is a firmer pillow. Unless
you tend to shift positions a lot during your sleep, people who sleep on their
backs should have a firmer pillow that is conducive to proper alignment.

Another important thing to keep in mind when searching for your pillow is that
the best pillow choices may be a bit more expensive. In some cases, it's
true that you really do get what you pay for. If you want top quality, you may
have to spend a few dollars more.

Regular foam pillows generally only last a couple of years while a good down
pillow or high quality
memory foam pillows can last up to ten years if properly cared for. This means always keeping it in a pillowcase to protect it and always following the washing and dry-cleaning instructions. Failing to properly care for your pillow means that you could chance destroying it or turning it into a lumpy, uncomfortable version of its former self.

For some people, the best pillow is actually the lesser priced, synthetic pillow. This is mainly true for allergy sufferers who find themselves sniffling and sneezing when subjected to pillows containing down feathers.

The main thing to remember in your quest for the best pillow is to take time when choosing. Don't simply opt for the cheapest pillow, the first pillow you find, or the biggest, fluffiest version. Consider your own sleeping habits, and choose the best pillow for your own body's needs. It really is worth the extra time and possibly extra few dollars to purchase a pillow that will help you get the best night's sleep possible. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

Written by Dr. Joseph J. Berke, M.D., Ph.D.

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Dr. Joseph J. Berke is an author and inventor dedicated to helping people get
a better nights rest


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