Neck pain
Neck pain

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Neck Pain

Do you wake up with neck pain? Are you constantly massaging the back of your neck? Then this is the site for you! Although the neck is the smallest part of the spine, it has a significant job: it supports the head. While it should normally have a large range of motion, the neck is prone to injury and disorder due to the constant stress it is put under. This can cause serious pain and inconvenience because of the neck’s function of support.


Oftentimes neck pain is caused by an abnormality in just about any part of the neck. This includes bones, muscle tissue, ligaments, and nerves. In some rare cases, the causes of neck pain are tumors or infections.

Inflammatory and degenerative diseases are another common cause of neck pain. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two common diseases that cause neck pain. Cervical disk degeneration is another common cause of neck pain. When people age, sometimes the cervical disks (shock absorbers between the vertebrae in the neck) degenerate. Consequently the space between vertebrae gets smaller and less shock is absorbed. This puts unnecessary wear on the vertebrae, which causes pain.

There is also neck pain resulting from injury. Oftentimes, car accidents have long-term effects on the neck due to whiplash. This makes the neck move beyond its natural range of motion very quickly, possibly damaging bone and tearing ligaments.


Neck-pain treatment depends on the cause of the pain. Some common treatments are:

  • Rest
  • Medication
  • Immobilization
  • Physical therapy
  • Exercise
  • Change in activity
  • A combination of the above

Another popular treatment is the use of a supportive memory foam pillow like the Better Sleep Pillow. Memory foam pillows are designed to provide optimal support for the spine. This allows the spine to properly adjust to the healthiest position. A memory foam pillow is a great way to start treating neck pain because it is risk free and inexpensive. So order the Better Sleep Pillow now to start treating your neck pain.

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