Pinched nerves
Pinched nerves

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Pinched Nerves

Do you wake up in the morning with sharp pain, burning sensations, or numbness? Although you might have thought there was no treatment for your condition, you could be one of millions who experiences the discomfort of pinched nerves, which is very treatable if you understand your options. When pressure is applied to nerves that regulate muscle movement and message relay, the consequent pain can be debilitating. But as long as patients understand this disorder, they can begin the road to recovery.

Some people experience pain that without even knowing the cause. Typical symptoms of pinched nerves include:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Shooting pain
  • Impaired reflexes
  • Isolated loss of sensation

One of the best ways to begin avoiding these symptoms is to understand the causes of pinched nerves. Some causes, like arthritis, bone spurs, and tumors, are hard to control. But others are quite preventable. Avoid staying in a cramped position for an extended period of time, as well as positions which compress the nerves. Crutches and casts can also lead to pressure or inactivity for certain areas of the body, which can cause pinched nerves.

If controlling these symptoms does not help you to relieve pinched nerves, you might want to turn to other treatments. Common pain killers can sometimes alleviate soreness related to pinched nerves. It can also be effective to use a heat pad or to wear a brace. Sometimes it helps just to lie down.

Some treatments, like memory foam pillows, can not only treat pinched nerves, but also help to prevent nerves from becoming pinched in the future. The Better Sleep Pillow, which uses the same memory foam technology designed by NASA, alleviates the pain of pinched nerves by cushioning your spine and neck when you lie down after experiencing pain. Unlike normal pillows, it is composed of millions of tiny cells which contour to fit the unique curve of your body, providing unmatched support for the head and neck, making sure the spine stays aligned and keeping airways open as you sleep. This comfort can also help you to avoid experiencing pinched nerves when you wake up because you will no longer sleep in an uncomfortable or cramped position, which is common among those who use normal pillows.

So if you’re tired of the pain of pinched nerves, order your Better Sleep Pillow today. You deserve to understand the true meaning of comfort.


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