Pregnant women
Pregnant women

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Pregnant Woman Are Often Reluctant Side Sleepers

Pregnant women may be some of the hardest sleepers to please, and with good reason. Most pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side in the last trimester of their pregnancy, as this allows better blood flow from the placenta to the fetus. Unfortunately, many pregnant women are not used to sleeping on their sides and adjusting to this new position is not always an easy task. It's no secret that pregnancy causes sleep disturbance and discomfort without the added complication having to adjust one's sleep position, so adding the frustration of having to revise one's sleeping habits has caused many pregnant women more than one night of restless sleep.

To get the rest that they need, pregnant woman need to sleep comfortably. To many women facing their third trimester of pregnan
cy, this seems like an impossible achievement. In fact, studies show that 78 percent of pregnant woman experience increased sleep disturbance during their pregnancies. It's not surprising that the phrases "comfortable sleep" and "pregnancy" don't usually go hand in hand. Fortunately, to the relief of pregnant women everywhere, these novice side sleepers now have somewhere to turn. Memory foam pillows are now allowing pregnant women to sleep on their sides while achieving the comfort level needed to get a great night's sleep. Because these pillows mold to the body, it provides the support side sleepers need and eliminates the pressure points that often cause restlessness.

Memory foam pillows are made of a revolutionary visco-elastic material that was originally created from NASA. Side sleepers benefit from this material by gently cradling the head and neck and perfectly aligning the spine. Since pregnancy causes extraordinary stress on the back during the waking hours, this is especially beneficial for this group of side sleepers. By providing the proper support during the evening hours, the back has the time it needs to recover and the body gets the rest it needs to rejuvenate.

In addition to getting a memory foam pillow, pregnant women who are becoming side sleepers should try drinking lots of fluid during the day and restricting fluid intake at night. This will help limit the amount of times a pregnant woman will need to take nighttime trips to the bathroom. Limiting caffeine intake and eating saltine crackers before bedtime can also help with nausea and will help ensure a better night's sleep. By purchasing a quality memory foam pillow and practicing some sleeping tips, becoming a side sleeper doesn't have to be an inconvenience any longer.

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