Side Sleeper
Side Sleeper

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The Side Sleeper

Almost important as our every day routines is our night time sleep. Since we spend so much of our time sleeping, it’s understandable why a good night’s sleep isn’t just a cliché’. It’s something that is not only important but valuable to our health. Without proper sleep, our bodies don’t function properly. Sleep is something everyone practices, but what many people don’t know is that there are very distinct sleeping styles. The most common type is the side sleeper.

A side sleeper is a person who sleeps in some position on their side for most of the night. Although there are several variations to this position, they share similar characteristics. The director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski feels that different sleeping positions provide insight into personality types. Whether you’re a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper, analyzing your preferred position of sleep actually tells a bit about your personality.

The side sleeper individuals account for about two thirds of the population. This is the most preferred method of sleep, and many side sleeper individuals report that this is the most comfortable way to sleep. Dr. Idzikowski categorizes the different side sleeper positions into three sub-categories: the “yearner”, the “log”, and the “foetus”. Each of the side sleeper positions has a different personality type.

A “yearner” is a side sleeper who enjoys sleeping on one side with both arms extended in front of them. These people are rumored to be open, but they are often labeled as skeptics. They are not quick to make decisions, but they are extremely adamant once they’ve formed an opinion.

A “log” is a side sleeper who enjoys sleeping on one side with both arms pointing down. These people are rumored to be jovial, outgoing, and fun. Social and extroverted, these people tend to trust too easily and be a bit naïve.

A “foetus” is a side sleeper who enjoys sleeping curled up on one side. This is the most common of all sleeping types. It’s especially popular in women. These people are rumored to be tough on the outside and soft and sensitive under that hard shell.

Not everyone has a distinct sleep style since there are the rare few people who tend to shift from position to position throughout the night. Most people, however, have a preferred style of sleep. If you prefer to engage in side sleep, you should make sure to purchase a pillow that best suits your preference.

Many people think that pillows are all the same, but that’s just not true. Since a pillow is designed to properly support the head and neck in sleep while making sure the spine is properly aligned, it’s easy to see why you should choose a pillow based on your sleep style. If you prefer side sleep and notice that sometimes you wake up with a sore ear or a general feeling that your shoulder is always in the way, you may want to purchase a side sleep pillow that is specially designed for your sleep style. The side sleep pillow will provide extra support and ensure that your body is properly aligned.

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