Side sleepers
Side sleepers

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Stomach Sleepers Finally Find Relief

Stomach sleepers are notorious for having chronic back and neck pain. This is largely due to the fact
that sleeping on one's stomach causes a rotation of the neck to one side during the sleeping hours, thereby causing increased stress and pressure on the neck muscles and the spine. Most doctors recommend that their patients not sleep on their stomachs, but as stomach sleepers know, that can be easier said than done. Some individuals are willing to undergo the back and neck pain that they suffer every day if it means that they can continue sleeping on their stomachs. For some people, sleeping on their stomach may be the only way they can get to sleep and trying to sleep on their backs equates to nothing more than endless hours spent staring at the ceiling.

So, if a stomach sleeper wants to relieve their back and neck pain, but they don't want to change their sleeping habits, what can they do? Is there anything that can help them get a better night's sleep? Believe it or not, changing the pillow they use might be the answer. Since people who sleep on their stomachs need special support from a pillow, visco-elastic or "memory foam" pillows are proving to be extremely beneficial to this group of people. By properly supporting and aligning the neck, these pillows are erasing the complications associated with stomach sleeping.

What is visco-elastic material? Also known as memory foam, this technologically-advanced material brings science to the previously unscientific pillows found on everyday beds. Originally developed for NASA, this material actually molds itself to the body, allowing for the alignment that stomach sleepers so desperately need and eliminating the pressure points that cause sleep discomfort. What's even better is that many of the pillows made from this material are designed with stomach sleepers in mind. By creating a pillow that addresses the alignment and support needs of these individuals, the manufacturers of these pillows have provided stomach sleepers with a way to maintain their preferred sleep position while ridding themselves of the neck and back pain that they've often become accustomed to due to their sleep habits.

Considering that people who sleep on their stomachs while using a proper sleep pillow have lower sleeping blood pressure, lower risk of sleep apnea and reduced snoring, these pillows are proving to be a wise health investment. When looking for a good sleep pillow, it's important to make sure that the one you're considering purchasing is made of visco-elastic memory foam and not an imitation. It's also important that the pillow description mentions whether or not the pillow is suitable for the needs of stomach sleepers. Once the right pillow has been found; peaceful, restful nights are sure to follow.

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