Snoring Aids
Snoring Aids

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Snoring Aids to end snoring

Snoring and its cause
Snoring is a very common dysfunction that occurs only during sleeping due to any kind of blockage in the breathing passage. To stop snoring, snoring-aids can be used. Today, about 60% men and 30% women suffer from snoring. Breathing through open mouth causing vibration of the uvula and soft palate gives rise to an unpleasant sound called snoring that may be soft or loud. Blockage in the breathing passage causes irregular airflow that makes the soft palate flap and makes the snoring sound. Blockage can be due to the tongue falling into the throat, fat gathering in and around throat, mis-positioned jaw due to some muscle tension, allergies or weakness in the throat. Snoring is not dangerous, but if serious, it can become a life threatening sickness called sleep apnea.

Cure from Snoring
Clearing the blockage in the breathing passage can cure snoring. It can be done through surgery or by taking some precautions like stop smoking, do not put on weight or sleep on one side so that tongue block the throat. Singing, practicing yoga and exercise of the throat, tongue and the jaw muscles, widens the breathing passage and keeps it open while you sleep and hence cures snoring to some extent. "Better Sleep Pillow", one of the snoring-aids can give you relief from snoring.

Snoring cure with Better Sleep Pillow
Sleeping discomfort causes frequent change of sleeping position and affects the quality of sleep. Ordinary pillows does not give support to your head and neck which gives rise to unnatural sleeping position that can cause breathing problems. Breathing can be improved by keeping the chin away from the chest, the jaw forward and the airway open. This can be achieved by the snoring aids devised by a doctor to improve breathing. Use of Anti Snoring Pillow of Better Sleep Pillow can solve the problem of snoring to a great extent. These are totally adaptive, indestructible and tension relieving pillows made of high density visco-elastic and hypoallergenic premium foam that molds in-between your head and neck contour giving enough support to your head and neck throughout your sleeping time.

These pillows are fire retardant and never loose its original shape and resiliency. Better Sleep Pillow pressure-relieving material's unique cellular structure allows it to become softer in warmer areas and remain firmer in cooler areas and this improves your body alignment while sleeping. This reduces the pressure at trouble spots like the shoulders, arm, neck and face. In better sleep pillow, the front portion is recessed along the entire length of the pillow, in the center and or on opposite ends that help to properly accommodate your neck, head and shoulders. These pillows are made of memory foam that is recommended worldwide by orthopedic doctors. With better sleep pillow, it does not matter in what position you sleep, because, it adjusts and molds to your body shape thus giving you entire comfort of peaceful sleeping.

With better sleep pillow, the head and neck are positioned and extended to open the airway thereby reducing snoring. Snoring is not bad but can cause sleep disturbance to your sleeping mate.

Designed by a doctor to reduce snoring and promote deeper, more restful sleep, the Better Sleep Pillow improves breathing by keeping the chin away from the chest, the jaw forward and the airway open. The Better Sleep Pillow Anti-Snoring Pillow supports and positions the head and neck to improve alignment, whether sleeping on the side, back or stomach. Made of hypoallergenic premium foam and will not harbor mildew. Fitting in most standard pillowcases, the Better Sleep Pillow Anti Snoring Pillow helps you stop snoring, helping you get a full night's rest!

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