Tossing and Turning
Tossing and Turning

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Tossing and turning

Does tossing and turning in your sleep prevent you from getting the rest you deserve? Or maybe you’re sick and tired of your partner’s endless search for a comfortable sleep position. Did you think there was no solution to these problems? Think again.
Every night, millions of people lie awake just like you, wishing that they could find an easy solution to better sleep. The tossing and turning that keeps you from resting is a fairly common phenomenon. While it can be partly psychological, resulting from stress, much of this discomfort is simply due to the inadequacy of typical pillows that you find in most households.

The average pillow prevents many people from falling asleep because it is not designed especially to cushion the human body and cannot adapt to the unique contour of the head and neck. Flat pillows provide too little neck support, forcing your head to droop down and causing neck pain. Fluffy pillows support your neck too much, pushing it up so it must rest on an angle and is no longer in line with the spine. As a result, many people who sleep with the wrong pillows wake up with neck and spine pain. Tossing and turning is your body’s natural reaction to this pain and its way of telling you that your pillow is not good for your neck.

If you’re ready to take a proactive step against tossing and turning and towards better sleep, start by reducing stress before you go to sleep. It sometimes helps to drink warm milk or herbal tea before bed to cool down, and meditation can be a great way to clear your mind before bed. Of course, be certain that your head and neck will be properly supported while you sleep by choosing the right pillow. Unlike average pillows, memory foam pillows like the Better Sleep Pillow contour to fit the unique curve of your head and neck, making sure that airways stay open and that your spine is aligned. Plus, the Better Sleep Pillow will be the perfect solution to your tossing and turning, no matter what you finally decide is the ideal sleep position because it is effective for sleepers of all kinds, even side sleepers. With a unique cavity in its center, the Better Sleep Pillow offers side sleepers who typically sleep with an arm under their pillow a comfortable space where the arm can rest without bearing the weight of the entire head. So order your Better Sleep Pillow today and make those sleepless nights of tossing and turning nothing more than a forgotten dream.

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